Türkiye’de Çevre Eğitimi

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  • Ebru DEMİR
  • Hüseyin YALÇIN


Pre-school-Primary-Secondary-Higher Educations, Environmental Sensitivity


Environmental education aims at training sensitive individuals who have positive attitudes and behaviours about environment and also it
enables effective solution to environmental problems. However, conducted academic and scientific researches related to environmental
education could be seen insufficient. In this study, all aspects of environmental education are discussed and specified that a good
environmental consciousness for a healthy environment education should be imparted primarily. The current situation of environmental
education, the gaps and how to solve related problems were also handled from the points of different views. For this purpose, the direct and
indirect environmental acquisitions in the programs were determined by examining particularly in primary and secondary school curriculum
programs and tables were created accordingly, and finally a number of conclusions were obtained by evaluating the terms of environmental
education. At the end of the study, some suggestions were developed to have a more effective environmental education and its requirements.
Also, the importance of environmental education was emphasized once again.




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