Fonksiyonel Gıda Olarak Kullanılan Probiyotikler ve Özellikleri

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  • Mehtap OKUR
  • Muhammet DÖNMEZ


Functional foods, probiotics, dairy products


Duringthepastdecade, functional foods and nutraceuticals have emerged as a major consumer-driven trend, serving the desire of
aging populations to exercise greater control over health, delay aging, prevent disease and enhance well-being and performance.
This trend is expected to continue, and the need for and interest in scientific information on all aspects of functional foods will
continue to be vital to the advancement of this emerging sector. One of the this functional foods is probitics. Probiotics; It is
a living microorganism culture or microorganism components that are positively influenced by the health and well-being of
a person when consumed in sufficient quantity as part of a food. Probiotic bacteria are found in the normal human intestinal
flora. Probiotics are found naturally in yogurt, fermented milk and other fermented foods. Many products originating from
yoghurt, sour cream, chow mein, milk powder, sweet drinks, fruit juice, ice cream, baby milk or butter, butter, mayonnaise,
meat and oats can also be added from the outside. In this review, studies on the properties of probiotics used as functional
foodsandtheirpositiveeffects on healthhavebeenexamined.




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